"BELTRANSEXPEDITION" is a professional operator of the international cargo transportation market.

  • Large logistics company;
  • More than 20 years in the market of transport logistics;
  • Active member of the Economic Council of the CIS.

The Company carries out::

  • Transportation of all types of cargoes
    dangerous, fragile, expensive, oversized, alcoholic and tobacco products, as well as cargoes requiring compliance with the temperature regime;
  • Transportation and delivery of groupage cargo with consolidation in the EU, as well as individual trucks with carrying capacity from 1 to 22 tons;
  • Transportation of oversized and dangerous goods on the territory of the CIS countries and the EU;
  • Cargo insurance against all types of risks and provision of security on the way;
  • The delivery of the new transport – Trucks. Passenger buses. Special machinery.  

+375 17 209 12 71