VIT-M service station:

  • Computer diagnostics of all systems of foreign and domestic trucks;
  • Repair of (foreign and domestic) engines of main types;
  • Repair of manual and robotic transmission of main types;
  • Repair of reduction gears;
  • Repair of suspension;
  • Brake system repair, including brake bench diagnostics (power roller brake bench for trucks and buses);
  • Professional diagnostics and repair of pneumatic system;
  • Repair of Schmitz Cargobull, Kögel, Krone, Wielton and other semi-trailers/full-trailers;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of motor vehicles and semi-trailers;
  • Welding works of any complexity, including argon welding;
  • Repair of tractor-mounted and towed vehicles;
  • Headlight adjustment;
  • Lathe works of any type;
  • Body repair (including all types of painting works in a separate bay);
  • Adjustment of wheel position angles (a laser bench for wheel alignment geometry measurements for trucks, buses, semi-trailers and full-trailers)
  • Repairs for insurance companies.

The service station is specifically equipped to carry out repair of trucks and full-trailers/semi-trailers, it has the latest diagnostic and lathe equipment, advanced tools and all necessary facilities to conduct high-quality repair of truck vehicles.

Vehicles are serviced by the personnel which is certified by Volvo Trucks Corporation and has qualification categories 4 to 6, which makes it possible to perform different activities, including complex repairs, and to ensure optimum quality within the shortest possible time.